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Great Dane Puppies in California - AKC Breeder of Fawn Euro line

News - Proud to announce that on May 28th 2014, Senninha and Muskoka have produced a litter of 2 male and 4 female pups.There is one female still available. If interested, contact me for more information, and be sure to add me on Facebook.. a lot of my updates will be there. Puppies will be released on July 23rd.

Update 06/10/2014

Below are photos taken of the puppies just shy of 2 weeks of age. Eyes are opening and they are starting to walk around. Males are in the red and black collars.




Below are links to photos of dogs whelped by Senninha and Muskoka..

Meet Nala and Whiskey..

Meet Dex..

Meet Trojan..

Both Sire and Dam are AKC registered and have a solid healthy background with many champions in their pedigree. Puppies are 100% fawn in color.

Puppies are handled throughout the day by myself. Although not necessary, once a day, I hand bottle feed formula from real ingredients (not powder) to further develop the human bond with the pups. They already know my smell well! The puppies are raised in my own bedroom in a huge 8x6 foot whelping box that I custom made from furniture grade quality wood for sanity and easy clean up. The pups stay in my room until 4 weeks of age, and are then moved to my family room downstairs where they will stay until released.

I use a hospital grade baby scale to daily monitor weight gains in grams to assure all puppies are getting proper nutrition. I use the highest quality, puppy specific heat lamp, and an infared digital thermometer to be sure the puppies are kept at the correct temperature.

New owners will be encouraged to be an active Facebook user, because it's our preferred contact method and also nice because it allows everyone to share pictures, videos and comments. Check out the below link to my public Facebook page to see many puppies and dogs we have already produced.

Contract WILL require a spay/neuter contract. Contract will also state that if ever you cannot keep your puppy, it MUST be returned and shall under no circumstances be given to a shelter, rescue or unapproved home.

Mattoka Danes is located in the city of Corona, in Riverside County, Southern California. 30 miles east of Disneyland.

Phone: (714)388-6970

Thank you,
Stephen with Mattoka Danes

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