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Dex (Diabetic Alert Service Animal)

In December of 2012 I came across Muskoka Great Dane’s website. I have had great danes in the past and knew when I wanted to have another one I would need to do my homework and find a good breeder. I contacted Stephen and the first time we spoke on the phone we talked for over 2 hours.  He never acted like I was burdening him or taking up his time. We both asked a lot of questions.  We spoke several time after that and I decided that YES I wanted one of his puppies.

My journey was a little more involved than just wanted a puppy for a family pet. I was looking for a good temperament, willingness to work, and a good sound body. I was looking for my future Service Dog.  I am a Type one Diabetic and have what’s called Hypoglycemia Unawareness. My blood sugar drops dangerously low and I am unaware of that.  It can be potential life threatening.  Most service dogs are Labs, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds but I needed a dog that was bigger. I needed a dog/service animal that was as big as I am.  I needed a Great Dane. My love for the breed just added a positive bonus.

I had been looking for a breeder for approximately 2 years. I was looking coast to coast. If I found a breeder with good breeding habits the dogs were not of sound mind or body.  If I found someone with good sound dogs then they were breeding their females way too often. Stephen was great.  He has good sound puppies with great attitudes and bodies to match.

Dex was born 7/9/2013.  There was a lot of training that needed to be done while the puppies were so young. Stephen allowed me to train the whole litter. My Service Dog trainer came at 7 weeks to make the final decision of which dog would be my future service animal.

I would highly recommend Stephen if you are looking for an awesome solid Great Dane puppy.  Dex has an amazing temperament and is beautiful to boot.  I know I’m kind of bias.  We get compliments wherever we go. Dex was fairly easy to train. Potty training went rather quickly and he has a great desire to please. Dex is an amazing dog. A large part of that is because Stephen knows what he is doing. He breeds for temperament and to better the breed.