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Christina with with Dex (Diabetic Alert Service Animal):
"In December of 2012 I came across Muskoka Great Dane’s website. I have had great danes in the past and knew when I wanted to have another one I would need to do my homework and find a good breeder. I contacted Stephen and the first time we spoke on the phone we talked for over 2 hours.  He never acted like I was burdening him or taking up his time. We both asked a lot of questions.  We spoke several time after that and I decided that YES I wanted one of his puppies.

My journey was a little more involved than just wanted a puppy for a family pet. I was looking for a good temperament, willingness to work, and a good sound body. I was looking for my future Service Dog.  I am a Type one Diabetic and have what’s called Hypoglycemia Unawareness. My blood sugar drops dangerously low and I am unaware of that.  It can be potential life threatening.  Most service dogs are Labs, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds but I needed a dog that was bigger. I needed a dog/service animal that was as big as I am.  I needed a Great Dane. My love for the breed just added a positive bonus.

I had been looking for a breeder for approximately 2 years. I was looking coast to coast. If I found a breeder with good breeding habits the dogs were not of sound mind or body.  If I found someone with good sound dogs then they were breeding their females way too often. Stephen was great.  He has good sound puppies with great attitudes and bodies to match.

Dex was born 7/9/2013.  There was a lot of training that needed to be done while the puppies were so young. Stephen allowed me to train the whole litter. My Service Dog trainer came at 7 weeks to make the final decision of which dog would be my future service animal.

I would highly recommend Stephen if you are looking for an awesome solid Great Dane puppy.  Dex has an amazing temperament and is beautiful to boot.  I know I’m kind of bias.  We get compliments wherever we go. Dex was fairly easy to train. Potty training went rather quickly and he has a great desire to please. Dex is an amazing dog. A large part of that is because Stephen knows what he is doing. He breeds for temperament and to better the breed."

Alicia with Nala and Whiskey:
"I am the proud owner of not just one, but two amazingly beautiful Mattoka Danes! My eldest Nala (2 years old) has grown to be such an amazing companion. She has the sweetest heart and stands by my side through everything. She has so much love to give that it didn't take my fiance and I long to decide that she deserved a doggy companion. After all, great danes are like potato chips... you can never just have one! :) Thats when our baby boy Whiskey (9 months old) was brought into our lives. To be honest I was a little worried about owning a male dog, my whole life I've only had females and I didn't know what to expect... but WOW what a beautiful soul he has! He is sweet, loving and has such a goofy personality! He wants to snuggle any chance he can get, I don't know how many times I've woken up with his head on top of my head cause he wants to be as close as he could to me. He loves to sit on everyone's lap and smother you with kisses! He's a total love bug and I LOVE it! Watching my two golden babies everyday always puts a smile on my face. Nala and Whiskey get along so well... they cuddle, play, and kiss each other all the time (its sooo cute)! Its adorable watching them grow with one another. They are both so friendly and happy all the time, and bring so much joy to our lives and we couldn't have found a better breeder. Stephen... you're awesome, you are always so nice and helpful! Thank you again for bringing these two perfect widdle cupcakes into our lives, we are forever grateful!"

Kristen with Andre:
"If anyone is going to buy a Great Dane from a breeder Please go to Mattoka dames. The puppies and dogs are well cared for as if they are family- They live inside with a huge backyard to play in,and the puppies are placed in loving, safe and appropriate houses. Our puppy Andre was trained to go out side within 3 days of coming home- he is ultra smart- and his temperament is sweet and loving with zero aggression to any people or dogs. Thank you Mattoka Danes!"

Keri with Trojan
"Trojan is my 11 month old Euro Great Dane. He stands 35" at the shoulder and 45" inches at the head. He is currently 135 lbs. I am so happy with his health, his growth, and his demeanor. He a very handsome Dane, with a fearsome bark but a baby at heart. Trojan responds well to training and he is very smart, he picked up on all the behaviors I taught him. Stephen at Mattoka Danes really knows how to breed these pups. I went to visit my pup 3 times before taking him home and all 9 pups in the litter were always in a safe, clean "play pen" where Stephen gave them the best care and lots of love. Stephen feeds them only the best food for Danes and he made sure I had a full understanding of how to continue this care for my pup as he grew so quickly. I followed the instructions and my boy Trojan gets high marks from the Vet.

Thank you Mattoka Danes for breeding such a beautiful dog."

Laurie with Maple Sugar:
"When I met Mattern, I fell in love and knew I needed to get one of her puppies. I asked which one was most like the mom. I was so impressed that they knew so much about each puppy. There were 12 puppies that all looked alike but they knew the personalities of each puppy and were able to direct us to the one we picked and named Maple. She is very lovable and does not have the 'issues' that we have had in the past with Danes. She is loyal and lovable and is a good family dog. She is very social and plays well with other dogs. I would definitely get another dog from Stephen(If I can get my husband to agree.)"

Bel with Pickles:
"Stephen, I want to thank you for the greatest gift of all. Pickles is a wonderful, very playful, sweet and loving kid. I searched and searched for the 'perfect' dane and found her when I met you and your litter. Upon meeting you, I was intrigued. With little knowledge of raising these big dogs (except for what I read online) you gave me what I needed to know and it worked. I can say, I would buy and raise your dogs over and over again. Pickles is well mannered (has never eaten a couch or anything, lol,) great with all of my grandkids, and loves the travel. Thank you again and again."

Steve and Beverly with Marmaduke:
"We could not have asked for better breeder than Stephen.  He is always there to answer any questions we have and are compassionate with all their dogs. Marmaduke is a wonderful gentle giant.  He was very easy to potty train and teach basic commands too. I would recommend Stephen to anyone looking to add a Dane to their family."

Chris and Lynn with LuLu Belle:
"We are so fortunate to have found such caring breeder in Stephen. LuLu is a beautiful, playful and loved addition to our family. She definitely thinks she’s a lap dog and has no qualms about curling up on you while you watch TV. She has actually learned to hug people when they pat their chest and call her, and she loves the face to face attention. We couldn’t have asked for a sweeter animal. Thank you so much!"

Ryan with Sally:
"Sally is an awesome puppy with a very gentle temperament. She gets along with all dogs, children and adults. Although shes a big scardy cat she has a deep growl and bark that would deter any intruder that doesn't know her which is a big bonus. When the kids play in the yard she tags along, following them around which gives me huge piece of mind. Over all I couldn't be happier with her as an addition to my family. As far as Stephen, I was impressed with the experience and would recommend him to any one. Feel free to have potential buyers contact me via facebook if they are in doubt or have questions."

Danielle with Bailey:
"We had a great experience adopting our great dane puppy (Bailey) from Stephen. He genuinely cares for all of the puppies and the parents of the puppies. All of the dogs were beautiful, happy and healthy. We love our great dane so much and we are so glad that we got her from Stephen!"

Green Acres with Moe Belle:
"After having lost our first Dane of 10 years we were desperately looking to find another 'love'. We scoured the internet and contacts for months until we found Stephen. We knew instantly that these puppies would be wonderful dogs and couldn't wait to make the drive and pick ours out. I must admit it was a little overwhelming to walk into a room, solely geared for puppies and so many at that. But, after getting in the midst of 'puppyland' and speaking with Stephen we found our new 'love'. Moe Belle has been a wonderful addition to our family and loves being a little sister to her big sister, Dori (a mini-dachsund). Finding a great puppy is one thing but finding a great breeder that takes the time to really care about their dogs is something else. It all begins there..."

Mike and Sharon with Duke and Dana:
"What a blessing it was to find Stephen when we were looking at getting a Great Dane! We had talked to some other breeders and things just didn't feel right. With Stephen, we immediately had a great feeling and could see he was for real! We originally were only looking to get one dog, but after meeting Stephen and seeing the puppies, we feel in love! We ended up getting a male (Duke) and a female (Dana). The dogs have brought new life into our family and have been a complete joy. I highly recommend Stephen as he is great to work with and his genuine love and concern for each dog is awesome."

Alicia with Nala
"The moment my boyfriend told me my birthday present was going to be a puppy and he needed my help to find the perfect great dane pup, I was the happiest girl in the world! We began searching EVERYWHERE! We were very picky because we wanted to make sure we found not only a healthy and beautiful blood line, but breeders who really loved and cared for the puppies and their future homes. After months of searching, it was such a relief to find Mattoka Danes!! I immediatly called Stephen, he was so nice and answered all my questions. It wasn't long before me and my boyfriend put our deposit down our little girl, Nala :) Waiting for her to be 8 weeks was torture (she was so dang cute!), but Stephen was awesome and always sent me updates and pictures of her. Nala is by far the most loving and sweetest dog I've ever known, She steals all the compliments at the dog park ;)  we couldn't be more happier, thank you so much!"