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Congratulations to Alicia and George Starmer...

"Having Nala and Whiskey a part of our wedding day made everything so much more special. They are like our babies, and it wouldnt have felt right without them there by our side when we said our I Do's. Whiskey was George's Best Dane and Nala was of course, My Dane of Honor :)

They Were with me most of the morning getting ready, Whiskey is literally in almost ALL of those photos. At one point, the photographer said to me "okay we are going to leave now so we can get some pictures of the groom" as they started to turn around and leave, Whiskey let out a small growl and barked at them as if to say "You cant leave me and the bride on the wedding day!" haha! i had to reassure Mr. Overprotective that it was okay they were leaving. They did wonderful during our ceremony and we even let them join us for some after party dancing and hanging out. They were a wonderful part of our special day, I only wish we could have shipped them to Fiji with us for our honeymoon!"